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Tire type

Forklifts are equipped with four types of tires and can be configured based on the customer’s demand.  Forklifts used in warehouses, and on flat surfaces are known as ‘Cushion’ tires. These are hard rubber tires that absorb the shock of traveling over small cracks or imperfections in the work surface, while they do not deform under a load. Forklifts that have
Pneumatic’ tires are used on uneven surfaces such as asphalt, packed gravel and uneven concrete. Pneumatic tires can be ‘air’ filled or that can be ‘solid’ pneumatic tires. The purpose of a solid pneumatic tire forklift is to prevent flat tires from occurring when operating with material where nails, screws or other objects can puncture an air filled tire.

All Terrain tires are used for any type surface that is not concrete, asphalt or hard-packed gravel. Grass, dirt, construction sites, etc. require the use of all terrain type tires.